What to do in Porto Rotondo

Information on what to do in Porto Rotondo

Since when it was born, Porto Rotondo has always rivaled Porto Cervo as a luxury tourist destination in Sardinia and in the world, although it does not formally belong to the Costa Smeralda, it is still a requested and frequented destination like the most luxurious resorts on the Costa Smeralda.
The coastal territory is divided into 4 areas, Punta Nuraghe, Punta Volpe, Punta Lada and Punta Lepre with apartments and villas on the sea among the most luxurious in Sardinia.
Inside the village you can find many references to art, such as the magnificent Church of San Lorenzo created by the sculptors Andrea Cascella and Mario Cerioli. Inside you can admire the beauty of the “Last Judgment”, a wooden sculpture that embellishes the vault, sculpted by Ceroli.
The figures inside are shaped in Russian pine wood and represent the historical characters of Porto Rotondo, the square of the church is also suggestive, which is decorated with the marble profiles of the last popes: Pacelli, Roncalli, Montini, Luciani, Wojtyla , Ratzinger.
On the south facade of the church, you can admire a beautiful rose window made entirely in Murano.
35 steps connect the Church to the famous Piazzetta San Marco, particular for its spiral conical shape all in granite.
Via del Molo and Via Riccardo Belli are also enchanting, covered by the mosaic by Emmanuel Chapalain, made of Orosei marble, sandstone, basalt and porphyry, called the ‘food chain’ which reproduces the cycle of marine life.
Numerous are the squares that with their premises and shops make this tourist resort suggestive, such as ‘Piazzetta delle Ginestre’ with the white marble sculpture ‘the diver’ by Giovanni Manganelli; Piazza Casbah accessible from the port via the stairway to the sea, ‘Piazza Paguro’ near the Hotel Sporting, ‘Piazza Deiana’ where you can find the characteristic souvenir shops, ‘Piazza Rudalza’ with shops, bars and restaurants and finally along the pier , you can reach the famous Porto Rotondo Yacht Club.
In Porto Rotondo you will also find an amphitheater, named in honor of the sculptor Mario Cerioli, made of granite, where in the summer you can appreciate shows and theatrical performances.
For sea lovers, there are several structures that offer diving services or boat rentals, to reach some of the most beautiful places in Sardinia such as the Maddalena archipelago or the protected marine area of ​​Tavolara.
Porto Rotondo is just over 25 km from Porto Cervo where you can find numerous clubs such as Billionaire or Just Cavalli, or simply enjoy a walk to admire the magnificent boats that crowd the port every year.