Beaches Porto Rotondo

The most beautiful beaches of Porto Rotondo

The most beautiful beaches of Porto Rotondo
Ira beach
Ira beach is the largest and most beautiful beach in Porto Rotondo and is only 2 km from the center of the village.
This beach takes its name in honor of Princess Ira Von Fürstenberg, actress and nephew of Gianni Agnelli who owned one of the villas overlooking the beach.
The beach is made of white and thin sand, overlooking a bay with a low seabed with crystal clear water and colors between blue and turquoise.
There are several beach concessions with bar, restaurant, toilets, rental of sunbeds and umbrellas and various other services, the parking spaces are comfortable just a few steps from the beach.

Rudalza beach
Small beach with golden sand in the center of Porto Rotondo, crystal clear water and the presence of services, this beach has no parking spaces nearby but is very convenient for those who live in the surrounding apartments, it is located outside the port on the left side.

Sporting beach
Beautiful beach that takes its name from the five-star hotel that faces it.
The beach is white sand with water and very clean and has the typical colors between green, blue and turquoise of the Sardinian sea.
This beach is very convenient for those who live in the center of Porto Rotondo, being immediately outside the port, on the right side.
It is a free beach where you can use the services of the Sporting hotel for a fee.

Stones and Seaweed Beach and Shirley Bassey Beach
These three beaches are located going from Porto Rotondo to Punta Volpe, they are quite small but very beautiful.
The water is always crystal clear and emerald, while the seabed is different, sandy, slightly cobbled or with larger pebbles.

Punta Volpe beach
Small ocher-colored sandy beach with a partly rocky seabed and emerald-colored waters, there are no facilities or parking spaces on this beach but it is much appreciated by lovers of underwater activities.

Marinella beach
Marinella beach is located about 5 km along the road from Porto Rotondo to Golfo degli Aranci.
This beach is the largest in the area, made of white sand, the seabed is low and sandy, the color of the sea is as always beautiful, with shades from green to turquoise.
The beach has large unpaved parking spaces behind it and all services are available, nearby there are several hotels, including 5-star hotels, a marina, villages and tourist condominiums, some villas on the sea and various restaurants and clubs night.