Our services

Leading company for over 35 years in real estate brokerage in Porto Rotondo and for the most exclusive properties also in Costa Smeralda, Porto Cervo and Portisco. The long experience and the high degree of competence of the team, consents Socoin to fully meet its customers’ requests, instantly identifying the most appropriate properties according to their needs (as investment or vacation), and to better manage the properties for rent and for sale. In order to spend unforgettable, carefree and enjoyable holidays, Socoin can provide all the services to the most demanding customers upon request.

Renting a property

The company was founded in 1982 in Porto Rotondo and it was the first to offer new accommodation opportunities by renting private villas and apartments.

Thanks to the countless requests of national and international top level clients Socoin has acquired familiarity and competence, and is delighted to offer the best possible service.

The services offered exclusively to its customers include:

  • Qualified staff:
  • Chefs, waiters, housekeepers, butlers, drivers, security services, personal trainers, teachers (language and music) etc.
  • Yacht charter (Any size)
  • Air charter
  • Luxury cars
  • Medical or legal assistance
  • And so on …

Buying a property

The process of buying a property will be followed from the selection of the most suitable property up to the signature of the deed. Mean while, our experts can provide all the information on purchase and management costs as well as legal and tax advice so to help the buyer to make the best choice.

The buyer can also be assisted and advised, upon request, concerning renovation works and recruitment of the staff which will take care of the property all year round. In addition, valued advisors will be available for taxes and labour advice, payment of taxes and fees (also Consortium), payment of salaries, property management.