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Porto Rotondo Centro
It means the part immediately surrounding the port of Porto Rotondo and includes the bulk of the shops, businesses, clubs and restaurants of Porto Rotondo, obviously there is no shortage of apartments with sea view for those who want to leave the house and find themselves already in the center with the further possibility to go by boat or beach without having to use the car, in fact there are already 3 sandy beaches with crystal clear waters and the typical shades of color of the Costa Smeralda at a very short distance.

Punta Lepre
Punta Lepre is a small district of Porto Rotondo that closes the right side of the port, here is the luxurious Sporting hotel with the homonymous beach in front, the Yacht Club, some small squares overlooking the harbor, various apartments with sea view a few steps from both the port and the beach, some luxury villas on the sea, with swimming pool and every comfort.
In this area we have apartments and villas for rent and for sale.

Punta Volpe
Punta Volpe is the most prestigious area of ​​Porto Rotondo, formed by a peninsula surrounded by breathtaking beaches and crystal clear water, connected to the mainland by a very thin strip of land with two opposing beaches.
In this hermitage of land is the homonymous village, one of the most beautiful in the entire Costa Smeralda, it is surrounded by the beautiful Sardinian sea, has tennis courts, 2 swimming pools, playground, large green areas, and private platforms on the water, as well as several beaches a few meters away.
In this complex, almost all apartments, both on the first and second floors, have sea views.
The condominium of Punta Volpe is also very nice and well attended.
In addition to the aforementioned condominium there is also a heliport, and some of the largest and most beautiful luxury villas on the sea in the entire Costa Smeralda.
All the properties in this area are about 1.5 km from the center of Porto Rotondo.

In this adjacent town of Porto Rotondo, we have both apartments and villas on the sea for rent and for sale.

Punta Lada
This is the residential area par excellence of Porto Rotondo, made famous among other things by the presence of Villa Certosa, the private residence of Silvio Berlusconi.
Punta Lada, although starting a short distance from the center of Porto Rotondo, is a very large area degrading towards the sea that allows almost all the apartments and villas in this location to have breathtaking sea views.
The buildings in this location are always equipped with a garden whether it be condominiums, villas or villas.
Punta Lada has a single beach on which only 200 properties have access, including villas with garden overlooking the sea and also luxury villas for rent and for sale overlooking the beautiful sea of ​​Porto Rotondo.

Punta Ira
This peninsula, about 2 km from the center of Porto Rotondo, is made famous by the beach of the same name named in honor of Princess Fürstenberg, actress and grandson of Gianni Agnelli.
Ira beach is the largest and most beautiful beach in Porto Rotondo, a very white beach overlooking a bay with a shallow seabed with crystal clear water in colors between blue and turquoise.
The buildings in this location are rather sparse and always surrounded by lush gardens.
Here there are some condominiums and small villages, with apartments and villas often available for rent and / or for sale.
We have luxury seaside villas for rent in Porto Rotondo, some also for sale.

Rudalza is the name of two very distinct but very different areas in Porto Rotondo and this often generates a lot of confusion, an additional condominium called Rudargia further complicates the situation.
The hamlet of Rudalza is located about 5 km from the center of Porto Rotondo, along the road to Olbia and is mainly an agricultural and partly residential area with stazzi and land improvements.
The other Rudalza is instead the area adjacent to the port of Porto Rotondo which overlooks the sea along the left side of the port.
In this area in addition to some villas on the sea, there are several condominiums consisting of prestigious apartments overlooking the sea or the port from which they are a few meters away, they are also very comfortable for their proximity to a beautiful beach always called Rudalza.

The Gulf of Marinella is about 5 km from Porto Rotondo, along the road leading to Golfo Aranci, it is famous for the beauty of the homonymous beach, as well as the presence of the five-star hotel Abi d’Oru, one of the historic tourism hotels. in Sardinia.
Inside the Gulf of Marinella there are also 2 tourist harbors, several hotels, all services, restaurants and night clubs.
The buildings are very sparse and mainly consist of large condominiums overlooking the sea and the beach, however there are also some seaside villas available for rent or for sale here.

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