Beaches Costa Smeralda

The most beautiful beaches of the Costa Smeralda

Liscia Ruia beach – Loc. Cala di Volpe – Porto Cervo
Also called Long Beach being the longest on the Costa Smeralda, Liscia Ruja beach has reddish sand.
The sea is very clean the water is crystal clear with turquoise reflections and low sandy bottoms.
The beach is free but there are some well-equipped beach concessions with all the services, bars, restaurants and elegant clubs open also in the evening, rubber dinghy and small boats rental and of course deckchairs and umbrellas of all kinds.
There are no buildings around this beach and it is an area of ​​total environmental protection.
Liscia Ruja is located just after the crossroads for Cala di Volpe and is 8 km from Porto Cervo center.

Celvia beach – Loc. Cala di Volpe – Porto Cervo
This splendid white sand beach is located within the Cala di Volpe bay.
This typical Sardinian beach is surrounded by the well-kept private gardens of the homonymous condominium of only luxury villas.
Although there is a small car park open to all, the entrance is monitored.
The beach has some beach concessions that offer sun beds and umbrellas.
Like all beaches in Sardinia, it is almost never too crowded, especially outside of August.
La Celvia is about 10 km from Porto Cervo.
We have some villas for rent in Celvia, both with direct access to the sea and only a few steps away from the beach.

Capriccioli beach – Loc. Cala di Volpe – Porto Cervo
Capriccioli beach is made up of 2 small tongues of fine white sand surrounded by breathtaking natural scenery that make it one of the most beautiful in Sardinia.
These 2 small beaches adjacent to the bay of Cala di Volpe are in fact surrounded by crystal clear blue sea, granite rock with pink shades and thick Mediterranean vegetation with the typical aromas of juniper and helichrysum.
Also on this beach the seabed is low and sandy, access is very convenient having a large paid parking behind it.
Capriccioli is about 11 km from the center of Porto Cervo

Rena Bianca beach – Loc. Portisco – Portisco
About two kilometers after Portisco there is this beautiful Caribbean beach with fine white sand, a slightly degrading shallow seabed, spotlessly clean water and amazing blue reflections of the sea.
The beach is surrounded by typical Mediterranean vegetation with aromas of laurel, rosemary and juniper.
The large paid parking is well organized, like all the beaches in Sardinia, this one is also free but there are some concessions that they provide, deckchairs and umbrellas, bars and small restaurants.
A short distance away is Portisco with its marina, where we paint luxury seaside villas for rent in front of other smaller but still beautiful beaches.
Rena Bianca is about 18km from Porto Cervo and as many from Porto Rotondo.

Principe beach – Loc. Romazzino – Porto Cervo

Romazzino beach – Loc. Romazzino – Porto Cervo

Grande Pevero and Piccolo Pevero beach

Cala Granu beach – Loc. Capo Ferro – Porto Cervo